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About us


First, we have some question for you to ponder. Thought-starters, if you will. What is the relationship your brand has with the public these days? How are your “public” “relations” in the truest sense of these words?


Next, have a think about how your relationships are with your public across the entire marketing and communications spectrum. Are you moving like a flock of starlings or are things a bit chaotic or disjointed?



What are we about?


We bring people together. We think digital-first. Bravo Romeo by AJ is a content marketing and integrated communications firm. We want your brand communications to move throughout the various disciplines as one - similar to a flock towards a common goal, moving in authentic and interesting ways.



How do we do this?


To do so, we work in a tailored newsroom environment, collaborating to develop a map that aligns with your business’ North Star*, we set specific narratives for your audiences to engage in and develop media channels through which to reach and collaborate with them.


Your people at Bravo Romeo are content strategists, journalists, reputation managers, social storytellers and analysts. We’re here to help brands authentically connect with their audiences in dynamic and creative ways.


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